This blog is all about delicious food I have encountered in my journey together with my beloved hubby. Description of the food is to the best of my ability. Rating of the food is to my hubby's and my taste buds at the time we dine, and may vary from person to persion and from time to time.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Mimic Of Balinese Cuisine

Date-15 Aug 2006

This is my second visit to the place. The first time was celebrating a friend's birthday there. Now, is the day after my own birthday and most importantly after my visit to Bali, Indonesia. Only now, I can really compare the mimic and the real thing.


They will only serve plain iced water upon request. No request, No water.


Mie Goreng
Make-Instant noodles with vegetable, cracker, & skewer of minced meat on lemon grass
Sauce/Gravy-Home-made chilli sauce
Texture-Spongy noodles
Taste-No difference from maggi goreng at mamak
Rating-Me (4 stars), Hubby (3 stars)
Comparison with the real thing:
Mie Goreng in Bali uses noodles (not sure what they call the noodles but imagine the fusion of the Chinese yellow mee and spagetti), definitely not maggi mee. The taste of course defer a lot. The real thing is a mixture of ingredients available in any household while the mimic contains too much aji.

Big Mouth Burger with Cheese
Type-Carbo & Protein
Make-Bread, Beef, Cheese, Vege, & Fries
Sauce/Gravy-Chilli sauce from bottles
Texture-Crunchy burger, Tender meat
Taste-Nice especially the half done beef
Rating-Me (4 stars), Hubby (4 stars)
Comparison with the real thing:
We didn't get to taste this in Bali. Anyway, this is a 100% Western, so don't bother.


Iced Lemon Tea
Type-Drink (served with ice cubes)
Make-Instant packed iced lemon tea
Texture-Nothing spectacular
Rating-Me (2 stars), Hubby (2 stars)
Comparison with the real thing:
This drink came free with the burger. So, no comments.

Avocado Shake
Type-Drink (Ice Blended)
Make-Avocado & Lots of Vanilla Ice-cream
Taste-Horrible for one who doesn't like vanilla
Rating-Me (2 stars), Hubby (4 stars)
Comparison with the real thing:
My hubby and I both had tonnes of Avocado Shake in Bali and be both felt the vast difference from the real thing. Those available in Bali is pure Avocado blended with ice whilst the one available here probably has half vanilla ice-cream, half ice, a few slices of avocado just for the green color and slight avocado taste (in short, it's like a normal milk shake). The 2 stars I gave was for the texture. The 4 stars my hubby gave was for the taste (he loves creamy vanilla).

In summary, this place is able to mimic the real thing only on the decor and the ambience. Tastes of the food somehow is still lacking of the touch. The final touch of the real Balinese...

Pictures & Address available soon...